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Consulting Engineering

Providing expertise and leadership in the planning, design, modification, and rehabilitation of public and private infrastructure.

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To provide excellence in the quality of our work and services.

Landtek Limited is a privately owned company providing services in geotechnical and environmental engineering, materials testing and municipal construction. Our experience, capabilities and strategic location with respect to the Golden Horseshoe, are a definite asset in providing engineering and testing services.



Landtek Limited is registered as a consulting engineering firm in the Province of Ontario with an office and laboratory located in the City of Hamilton. Our specialized team of engineers and technicians provide our clients with the highest quality of engineering and testing services for the planning, design, modification, and rehabilitation of public and private infrastructure projects.

Geotechnical Engineering & Testing

By providing clear, comprehensive design options and assessing their associated time and related risks, we will help you make informed decisions based on your specific needs and risk profile. Our specialists also have construction and infrastructure experience and design and implement support systems to deal with accelerated erosion from construction, ground disturbances, and waste disposal.

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Pavement Engineering

Pavement engineering services from Landtek Limited ensures the quality and extends the lifetime of your pavement systems through effective testing, design, construction and maintenance. Whether you are designing, constructing or maintaining streets or highways, you need to ensure the quality and sustainability of your pavement systems.

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Environmental Engineering

Our expertise can help you with Environmental Science & Management, Solid Waste Management, Landfill Design, Composting, and Odour Control. We offer a variety of environmental engineering services designed to provide technically appropriate and cost-effective solutions. Our staff has the training, knowledge, project experience, and resources to address the most complex problems.

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Materials Engineering & Quality Management

Landtek Limited conducts soil and footing inspections, reinforcing steel inspection, concrete testing with CCIL certified staff and laboratory facilities, structural steel inspection and shoring inspection. A large part of our work relates to the assessment and rehabilitation of existing structures and the effective use of new and existing materials to achieve durability and extended service life.

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Landtek Limited’s hydrogeologists and geochemists provide specialized groundwater services for mining, civil, agriculture, water supply, and wastewater management. We can provide hydrogeological studies for exploration of domestic and commercial water supply, dewatering design for civil engineering constructions and mine dewatering, hydrogeological impact study due to groundwater extraction or groundwater flooding.

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Building Science

We help to reduce our clients’ risk and increase their return on investment through effective building envelope design and review, implementation of sustainability measures, and energy optimization analysis. Our clients achieve their goals utilizing our range of Building Science Consulting services; from investigation and rehabilitation of existing buildings to design assistance, performance testing, construction review and commissioning services for new buildings.

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Over 20 Years of Service Excellence

With over 20 years of experience in consulting engineering, Landtek Limited’s highly skilled engineers and technicians provide specialized consulting, design, and construction services in the areas of environmental science and testing.


From preliminary studies to detailed design and construction support, providing excellence in the quality of our work and services is our mission.


Health and safety is at the heart of everything we do. Keeping our policies, procedures and training up to date is a top priority in our core values and project planning.


With over 20 years of experience as a consulting engineering firm, our team has the expertise necessary to ensure the success of any project and any scope of work.


Our expertise in the field of consulting engineering enables us to provide innovative solutions to solve even the most complex site challenges.

Featured Projects

Landtek Limited is proud to have worked on some of the highest profile infrastructure projects in Ontario with many of the largest developers and construction firms in Canada. Find out more about featured projects we have been a part of below.

Memberships & Affiliations

Landtek Limited is proud to be affiliated with many prestigious associations and institutions.

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