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Materials Engineering & Quality Management

Landtek Limited conducts soil and footing inspections, reinforcing steel inspection, concrete testing with CCIL certified staff and laboratory facilities, structural steel inspection and shoring inspection. Our materials engineers, project managers, construction inspectors, and testing professionals successfully provide solutions to our clients and teaming partners in transportation, water, energy, and facilities to reduce uncertainties during construction, ensure construction quality, reduce costs for future maintenance, and ultimately keep the public safe.

A large part of our work relates to the assessment and rehabilitation of existing structures and the effective use of new and existing materials to achieve durability and extended service life.

What we do

  • Physical / Mechanical properties
  • Characteristic behaviours of surface and subsurface earth materials
  • Concrete Materials Engineering and Testing
  • Shoring Inspection and Monitoring
  • Structural Steel Inspection
  • Corrosion Assessment and Prevention
  • Aggregate and Rock Resource Evaluation
  • Quality Management Systems

Landtek Limited has been providing comprehensive Quality Assurance and Quality Control functions for many large and demanding construction projects such as airports, bridges, highways, tunnels, marine shipping terminals, commercial and industrial buildings, power plants, and other facilities.