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Landtek Limited’s hydrogeologists and geochemists provide specialized groundwater services for mining, civil, agriculture, water supply, and wastewater management. We can provide hydrogeological studies for exploration of domestic and commercial water supply, dewatering design for civil engineering constructions and mine dewatering, hydrogeological impact study due to groundwater extraction or groundwater flooding.

We provide a range of site characterization and due diligence services including soil, groundwater and vapor sampling, Phase I environmental site assessments (ESAs), hazardous building material surveys and abatement, conceptual site model development, and vapor intrusion evaluations. We develop innovative solutions to achieve project goals, control costs, and reduce impact on the environment.

What We Do

  • Groundwater contamination assessment, remediation, and management
  • Integrated surface water and groundwater flow and contaminant transportation modelling
  • Soil salinity, risk assessment, and management
  • Hydraulic Characterization of Aquifers
  • Well point and dewatering design
  • Design of Groundwater Cut-off Systems (soil-bentonite liners, slurry walls)
  • Pumping test analysis

Our clients require reliable and sustainable water supplies, predictable inflow rates and groundwater management costs and confidence that the risks of impacts of their projects on groundwater and surface water quality, other groundwater users and groundwater-dependent ecosystems are minimized.